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10-Oct-2017 23:51

Nadi, the main entry point for travelers arriving into Fiji, is for example pronounced "Nandi', Toberua is "Tom-barua".

Likewise, some words spelt with a 'c' are pronounced as 'th'. If a Fijian indicates it's "that side", it means vaguely in that direction with no clue to the actual distance.

Men, women and children will gather in one location to watch the game together.

Many shops will close, tools will be downed, people will call in sick.

Fijians also say "bula" when someone sneezes in the same way we say bless you. Read more: * Exploring the magic of French Polynesia * President of Palau proposes new law for 'quality over quantity' * Samoa: A forgotten island in the Pacific Fijians adore children and will love them as their own. There's nothing more endearing than hearing a grown Fijian man giggle.

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